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It gets Fuzzy in the Middle


Of course it does.

We start with great intentions, we know where we want to end up, but despite our best efforts, it always gets fuzzy in the middle.

Code takes longer to build than what we planned for.

Customers have many more questions than we imagined.

The team changes a few times during the iteration.

Processes need to be reworked to reach our final target.

Whatever it is, when we look back, it’s always Fuzzy in that middle part where Delivery takes over. Sadly, this is also where we get the most frustrated with progress as it seems like we’ll never get to the finish line despite such a strong start.

Anyone can get a project started, anyone can take a product across the finish line but if you want to stand out and make an impact, stop the middle from getting Fuzzy.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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