Leading a team is more than following the right powerpoint decks on culture, leadership and team building.

It’s about connecting with the people you may or may not have chosen to be with you.

It’s about finding the connection between what they want to achieve and what you need the team to deliver.

It’s not a simple equation and it’s where many fail – transitioning from the analytical and metrics to the emotional intelligence it takes to figure out what makes someone tick, why they are struggling, what you can do to help and on and on.

If you’re struggling the first step, the one that can cause the immediate paradigm shift is to think of your team as your family. Put your family’s face on each team member and instantly you’ll be consumed by feelings and emotions that will force you to reset your worldview on them – you won’t give up on them, you’ll be there for whatever they need, you’ll insulate their failure and you’ll guide them, not because of what you want, because of what they need.

Now you’re getting somewhere.

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