There is too much noise on the hustle, the side-project, the long-game, the short-game, the in-between game, the what matters now, the what you need to learn, the where you need to go, the courses you need to take, the what matters most, the what it all comes down to, the what matters most, the politics that drive us, the lessons we learn, the celebration of failure, the plateau of going nowhere, the wondering of what’s next, the taking the lumps, the licking the bruises, the wanting to be a success, the lack of experience, the going against the grain, the building for something tomorrow, the trusting me, the lost time, the way we were, the way we should be, the what works and what doesn’t.

All that matters, from 0 to 100, is that you are always having fun with it.

Otherwise why are you doing it.

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