TV used to create tension.

Each week you’d finish watching what was on the TV and have to WAIT until the next week to see what happened (and God forbid a rerun was inserted in there to prolong your wait).

That’s tension, that’s having to wait for something to happen. Better yet, it builds anticipation, you would change your schedule so you can be home at that exact time to ensure you missed none of the show. It didn’t matter what if you watched 5 commercials beforehand, you were going to see all of it.

In the Netflix era, everything is binged all at once, the only tension that gets created is between seasons and that fades over a week.

When leading a project, you don’t want to binge it, you don’t want to reveal everything at once, you want to build anticipation, you want to build excitement and you want people to keep coming back for more each and every week.

And when I say people, I don’t mean your customers, I mean your team, your team that hates coming to status meetings.

This is how you get them showing up early, each and every time because they can’t wait for what you’re going to say next.

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