The person who goes last is responsible for summing everything up.

Everything that came before them is at their fingertips.

They get to have the last word.

Their words are the last ones that everyone will think of and linger with as they walk out of the room or the conference hall.

They have a choice in how they respond, in what they do.

Whenever I have gone last, what I was going to say has always changed because it has to, it can’t, it can’t stay the same with everything I just would have heard, it has to change, it has to evolve, it has to grow, it has to change.

The last person has this responsibility to lead the change, to set what’s next, to leave an impression in people that they will take home with them.

If people come up to you the next day wanting to talk about what you’ve said, then you will have done the last position justice.

If they leave the room, eager to get out of there before you finished, then you were over with before you started.

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