Always Lead to Win

Always Play to Win.

Always Code to Win.

Always Bake to Win.

Always Ship to Win.

Always Wake up to Win.

Always Debate to Win.

Always Knit to Win.

Always Create to Win.

Always Check-In to Win.

Always Compile to Win.

If your whole purpose is to win, in everything you do, how will you focus on growth?

What does you being first to complete your code, leaving the team behind do for the overall feature delivery?

What does having checking in your work before the interfaces are completed do for builds?

What does having all your ingredients to bake with ready and let sit there for hours before everything else is ready? (it probably tasts horrible).

Yes, the objective to win is important, to ship, to get to market, but when this becomes our singular goal, it turns us into singular person that can only ever accomplish a singular task.

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