Deliver your Code Like a Comedian


Have you ever watched old material from your favourite Comedians?

What was the first thing you noticed?

“I’ve heard this one before.”

Now you might be thinking that you’ve been gypped and it’s not fair that you’re seeing your favourite Comedian do the same joke but what you should be watching for are the differences.

Between their old and new what do you notice?

The delivery is better?

The joke is more fine-tuned?

There is a greater pause for effect from when the joke is delivered to when it’s “really” delivered?

The Comedian knows when to wait for the audience to respond before going in for the follow-up?

All of these things have been worked on, tweaked, improved, refined, refactored, checked-in, modified, validated, demoed with their user base over and over again.

Deliver your Code like a Comedian.

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