If you were to go on a 5 hour drive, pull over every 10 minutes, shut your car off, restart it and get back on your journey, the journey would inevitably take you that much longer.

The constant, stopping, starting, stopping, restarting will eventually slow you down, frustrate you and make you question what you are doing.

(See parents on their first journey with kids who are not used to the constant stopping and starting and the chaos that ensues – I know – I’ve been there).

If you find yourself on a project that is continually stopping and starting, it will slowly become apparent that you aren’t getting anywhere for this very fact. At some point, you are going to have to take a hard look at what you are trying to achieve and determine whether you are going to finish it on the path you are on or whether you see this as another iffy path that might need to be reset in a few months.

If it’s iffy and you might need to reset, hold off and think about what you need to do further. If you think this you are on the path that will finish the project, commit to it and make the agreement with yourself that if you feel yourself pulling to the side to restart, don’t, pull to the side, ask for your help and move on.

But stop restarting under the guise of progress.

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