Two weeks ago, Microsoft wrapped up its yearly Ignite Conference and before long, Apple and Google will have their big conferences again. Amazon and Facebook will have theirs.

And everything will change again.

All that code you wrote will now need to be upgraded to a new platform.

That product you were working on was done in half the time by twice as many people.

The idea you had is already being worked on and set for release next month.

What you designed for the customer might as well wait until they start using the new stuff.

This is technology, this is software, this is the reason you got into it, this is why you live and breath and read it all the time-consuming everything you can.

Don’t worry about the avalanche coming down at you, figure out how you can get up the hill to help your customers today. They aren’t as lucky as you, they don’t know all that you know and they need someone to lead them.

Because everything’s changed on them.

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