That is what it came down to… one word that ended… well it ended a writing streak that lasted 240 days.

A streak where I turned in pages every day writing about anything and everything, some with focus, some without but all of it with a purpose.

The goal is to write a minimum set of words day each to get the streak going.

I got up to 240 (ish) days and then missed out on it by one word.

One word.

So now, it’s back to the beginning and starting all over again.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a bit demoralizing, you feel like all that writing you did has been thrown away and is no longer valid and didn’t amount to anything.

And all it took was one word to make me feel that way.

One, tiny insignificant difference that made it all happen.

I’d like to say that, that was it was an easy pill to swallow, but as you can see it wasn’t and the only thing that I could think of doing, was getting back in there and starting the streak right over from the beginning again.

With one word.

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