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When working with a new platform or trying to demo something to a customer there are two elements that will make your software demo sing;

  1. Customizing it to their industry, their business, their needs.
  2. Showing them data of what can happen over a period of time.

And yet, we never want to do this work.

A few weeks ago, I was working on a customer demo and wanted to populate the system with some data to demonstrate historical trends and analysis. There were “tools” available for this, however no matter what I did, what configuration I had, they wouldn’t work, they failed and I ended up having to build my own and populate my own scenarios.




You have no idea.

My data might not have been perfect, but I know the customer valued it because it showed what the platform could do when fit to their business model.

Demos tailored to the customer will always win out over the generic – “Here it is, use it how you see fit”.

We settle for the “Use it how you see fit” because it’s easy to do.

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