Yes, they go boink.

That is what happens, when an organization has all the information in the world to help their customers and uses none of it.

It’s akin to getting the call to sign up for new services when you just cancelled a week ago and the representative has no idea to why.

What might be better is if they called, knowing your case history to inform you that they fixed it should you ever decide to come back.

It’s akin to having a customer enter their credit card information twice as they go through an IVR menu only to have to say it in person to the agent on the phone.

If you’re tracking it during the call, you can surely present it to the agent (and/or obfuscate it from the agent but let them use it in their system).

Does this sound familiar?

This is still how many customer service departments are run, all while the company at large touts innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Learning, Machine Learning, Virtual Agents and Bots.

And yet, we haven’t solved the biggest problem – provide a good experience to our customer – because we’re not even close to getting to the great part.

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