Taking over the lead for something new is never an easy task.

  • New Project
  • New Team
  • New Product
  • New Test Process
  • New _________________

If you are new to the project, there is generally a lot of upheaval going on, maybe you’ve been brought on to help with the last push, perhaps other people were kicked out. Whatever the reason, your goal always remains the same – how do I provide value to this “thing” that I’m now a contributor to.

The piece that people always miss is that it doesn’t start with you just “doing stuff”.

It starts with you asking three simple questions;

  • What are we working on?
  • Where are we stuck?
  • Where can I help?

The first two questions show that you are part of the team and that you now own what is being discussed.

The last question asks what you can do for the team.

After that, doing “stuff” is easy.

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