Getting the word out on who you are and what you can do is one of the hardest tasks a developer will perform.

Whether it’s getting in front of people to do a presentation, running a podcast (and listening to your own voice thereafter), creating a video, writing a blog or giving yourself a glowing review on your last project performance – it never comes easy.

We are our own hardest (not necessarily worst) critics, no one will be ever harder on you than you, which is why you need to be your one person in your corner, always lifting you up, always pushing you forward, always whispering (yes whispering to yourself is good) that you have much more to accomplish and farther to go.

It’s easy to get pulled into the vortex of constant LinkedIn Video posts and awards flying by on your feed and think you don’t measure up (and what are we trying to measure up to anyway)?

Start small – start a blog (or see if you can contribute to a medium application), if that goes fine, take the next big step of reaching out to a known network – your twitter or linkedin audience.

Don’t have any?

Great – that’s where you want to be because when you start putting your work out there you might just be surprised who follows up with you.

Sometimes all it takes is one.

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