There is a trend happening in software where the documentation cannot keep up. It’s a problem that cannot be solved by AI or technology. With development cycles shrinking to bi-yearly to quarterly, what was written in Q1 about a new piece of software could be outdated by Q3.

Even worse, for the developer trying to get a blog off the ground, their content could be invalidated within 2 months of going live.

Just today, I was sent a blog from an organization on how to implement a new feature that was written almost a little over a year ago and it’s invalidated.

Is this content bad? No.

Is it useless? No.

What is happening then?

We are moving to a model where we no longer have definitive documentation that we used to put months of effort to get perfect and line up to exactly what you see on the page.

You are now seeing a set of ideas and suggestions on how you can do something, which could be different from what you are seeing but hopefully gives you enough to figure it out on your own.

Try to keep up.

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