The biggest hurdle to working from home, is knowing when to shut it down.

This isn’t easy to overcome.

I’ve spent many years working remotely and leaving the laptop alone, walking past it and not wondering what I might have missed while I was relaxing, is a hard temptation to resist.

Some tips;

  • Set your phone to Do Not Disturb during certain hours of the night, take a break, you need it.
  • Work the consistent schedule that works for you and stick with it.
  • Resist the urge to take calls later and later into the day when you would normally be online.
  • Don’t forget to break up the day, you’re not a drone, don’t start acting like one.
  • Fold the laptop down and turn off the volume – that way you won’t miss anything.

Working from home doesn’t mean you are always working at home.

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