That seems like a strange question but for real how do you do it?

Do you type in the first random thought in your head and then see the results are nothing what you hoped for?

From there you keep on refining your search, refining your thoughts, focusing your query on what you want and need until you discover what you were looking for?

Did the “suggestions” from Google actually help you or just send you down a completely wrong path?

Years ago, the error messages to programming bugs were contained in these massive books, they were finite. Someone took the time to catalog and explain what they were, how they happened and what you needed to do next.

Now, they are there and when they happen – it’s up to you to Google and maybe find someone who ran into the issue before or maybe talk with people you never met to resolve the issue.

We Google much more than we ever did on Altavista or Yahoo, maybe that’s because we’re not righting the things down that made our lives easier.

Maybe we should be.

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