If burnout is the scenario where you overwork yourself to the bone to get a delivery out the door, Anti-Burnout must be the scenario where you can’t focus to get anything done, you don’t feel like you can make anything happen and you don’t know where to start.

While Burnout requires rest, stopping and breathing, Anti-Burnout requires you to do something to break out of the funk that you might be feeling.

Some ideas;

  1. Make a Weekly To Do, start small, check off each thing you do each week.
  2. Walk/Run, again start small, no one is saying go for 45 minutes, start with 15.
  3. Do something for you, something you want to do, read a book, draw, think, build – I generally find doing something with my hands helps the most here.
  4. Talk – we always feel like we are alone when we are feeling anti-burnt out, truth be told, we couldn’t be farther from it all. Reach out to some people online, around you, and say hi.

The fix for Anti-Burnout is to start doing something, anything and slowly it’ll fade away.

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