It’s been almost four months that people have been working remotely – many from the unfortunate locations of their couch, coffee tables, basements with no windows, the list goes on and on.

These aren’t ideal workplace scenarios for many – they didn’t volunteer to be work remotely on the flip of a coin, they were told not to come in.

On Remotely Prepared, we do our best to help you navigate this new environment and like many things, it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes weeks, months, many months to get good at it (and that’s with the best equipment.

We are hitting that inflection point where people are going to start burning out as we are up and down with the pandemic and people are still trying to get work done while taking care of their families.

As a leader, take a second, many seconds in fact, and practice empathy with your team, not simply listening to them and nodding your head. But making the tough decisions to give them a day off, slow down on delivery, have some meetings that are not about the work but about the people.

People ship products, not processes, don’t forget that.

Take care of your people before they burn out. You know they are working more then they would normally, reward them with it.

Take care.

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