What does it take to lead teams remotely?

What are some of the ups and downs that you are going to go through?

What has worked for you over the past few months and what exploded on the launchpad before it even happened?

What would you like a do-over at?

What do you need help in?

Do these sound like questions that might be asked of you during a podcast?

They probably are.

We’re gearing up for Season 2 of Remotely Prepared where our focus for the season is going to be on leading teams remotely – what goes into it, what works, how are you doing and what you change – among other questions. We’ve had some amazing guests in Season 1 as we focused on people going remote but in Season 2, we flip the script.

If you’d like to be a guest or know someone that’d be great for the cast, drop a line, we’d love to talk to you.

Want more? Check out my book Code Your Way Up – available as an eBook or Paperback on Amazon (CAN and US).  I’m also the co-host of the Remotely Prepared podcast.


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