When someone on your team decides to pack it in and move onto a new opportunity it’s your last chance to show them what kind of leader you are.

You could not say a thing, wait till the last moment, and “plan” for everything they did and who is going to take it over and transition into their workloads. You can sweep it under the rug so hopefully, no one knows how great a team member they were and just how appreciated they were and how sad the team is to see them go.

Yes, you can be sad that someone is leaving your team and not mad.

You can show up and make sure everyone knows what a valued part of their team they were and what they mean to the organization, the team, the project and your customers.

You can do that.

And if there manager isn’t doing it or their leader or whoever – then be sure you do that.

Because that’s how you thank someone for their work and send them off to their next opportunity.

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