I always cringe a bit inside when I hear this statement.

It’s generally applied as an effect to a cause that just happened.

A release is late because an interface-breaking library was implemented that pushed things back.

Requirements are taking longer to deliver then expected.

QA is finding more bugs than they originally planned for.

People are stretched too thin because they are doing work across multiple releases and branches at the same time.

I shake my head every time I hear this statement because I know the amount of work that goes into making all of this information available in pretty DevOps Dashboards, stats, boards, charts, reports, timesheets, etc, etc.

All these tools that are available and at the disposal of the project team.

All this effort that was put into creating these tools so the project team could look at them, and make change based on them.

And no one looking at them.

When you hear “But We Didn’t Know” – the two questions that rip through my mind instantly area always the same – “How did you not know?” and “What steps did you take to not wanting to know?”

We’ve all got to come out of the sand some time.

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