I spent close to 2 hours recording demos this morning.

I finished the first one (about 25 minutes in length), when my last failure case blew up. I could have sent it out as is, but it would have been a bit empty handed seeing as how we the first 23 minutes were a lead up to the last 2 minutes.

I feel like this is a lot of 2020 right now. Putting in a lot of planning, trying to get things perfect, hoping everything lines up and than BOOM – you’re two steps back trying to figure your way forward one more time.

I generally prefer doing demos live when I’m looking for feedback and follow-up from other members on the team. However, when the demo is more of an education and I need people to be able to sit back, take it in, let it congeal internally before moving forward – that’s when I do the recordings.

Then we have the follow-up to discuss the points they need to understand more prior to proceeding with the rest of the work.

It’s a process, but one that I find helps.

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