Could this have been an email?

Should this have been an email?

No we should have been discussing these topics

Were too many people in the room?

There were a lot of people in the room, but only a quarter of them need to be there, the rest would not have said anything regardless.

Were people missing?


What’s the difference between the people that were missing and the ones that were there?

The people that were missing are the ones that care. They care about every detail about what you are doing. They care about what happened, what went right, what went wrong and what we are doing to make things better. They aren’t micromanagers, they simply care about the content and want to be involved.

I should have cancelled the meeting but it did help me realize this one key point when it comes to planning out my future meetings.

Invite the people that care, because they are the ones that are going to raise the meeting from an email to something much greater.

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