The amount of meetings you used to have, were constrained by the physical limitations around you.

Startups are, generally, in smaller places, so they start off with smaller and less meetings. They simply can’t have meetings all the time because if they did, they’d be having them on Tim’s desk or besides Sales when they are on a call.

Instead they are informal.

When a startup gets a dedicated meeting room, meetings ramp up and the place is “busy” because now we people have an official place to congregate and discuss “things”.

If you were to place that small little startup into a bigger space where they could have more meetings, I guarantee you, they will have many more meetings if they were in that smaller place. It’s like fish in a fish tank, we expand to the environment that we are given.

Fast forward to today, where we are surrounded by virtual meetings everywhere. In the past six months, everyone’s calendar has gone from being available to people having to block off time when they can get work done.

Yes, we are blocking off time to get work done.

We are blocking off time to get work done.

The solution?

Not everything is a meeting.

Not everything is a video call.

Not everything is a discussion or a gathering.

Sometimes it’s a quick 5 minute SLACK chat or IM.

Sometimes that’s all you need.

Take a look at your calendar, what is waste, what can be removed, what do you not need?

Cut it and get back to doing what you enjoy – creating things.

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