I’ve tried everything when it comes to interviews for developers.

What I’ve found over the last few years as to what sticks and what really shows me what you know that you are doing? Is for you to talk.

I want to hear you talk about applications you built.

I want to hear you say what went right and what went wrong.

I want to hear what you would change.

I want to know why you went with a certain framework and not another one.

I want to know why you didn’t do performance testing.

I want to know how you tested the application.

Or I could sit there and ask you a bunch of questions on language X that you probably memorized from a variety of sources that only proves to me you have a great memory.

Or I could build an application that is designed to trick you that you have to fix and get up and running in 30 minutes or the interview is over.

I could give you a coding test to take home. But then who is really doing it?

No thanks, I’ve tried them all. I think I’ll stick with your telling me what you have built , interjecting some technical questions along the way that.

Because when I start asking questions on what you have done, I’ll know by your answer what you truly did.

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