There was a time when I believed that the Forwarder was an email client (or rather a person behind an email client) that would read and email forward it to someone else with the tagline – “FYI”.

This FYI represented so much ambiguity that it made you question;

  • What am I being asked to do?
  • Do I need to respond to this?
  • Do I read it and move on with my day?
  • Do I get involved?

But now I have seen the evolution of the Forwarder 2.0 in a remote world.

They hear the conversations being had in the meeting and they outright ask who will do the work?

They won’t volunteer for it.

They won’t offer to help.

They won’t discuss options.

They will forward it on to someone else.

If the Forwarder 2.0 is going to ask to someone else to do the work, the question then becomes, what value are they bringing to your remote meeting?

What value are they bringing to the table?

How are they helping the team?

In a time when meeting sprawl is out of control, why do they then need to be there?

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