You have an idea.

Seven months ago, you’d march into the room, grab the marker, cover the wall with your ingenious ideas as the team behind you consumed it all.

When you were done, you’d drop the marker like a mic, sit down and bask in your glory as the team reveled in all that you created for them.

Perhaps it didn’t quite happen like that, but you get the idea.

Conveying an idea to your team is a much easier thing on-site than off.

When you’re on-site you can see the moment your team starts to drift, where they don’t get it, where they are puzzled, where questions abound.

And you can manage that drift and bring them back.

But on a TEAMS call? On a ZOOM Conference?

That drift is harder to isolate and identify. With that in mind, what you might think is drift, might just be someone petting their cat, thinking about your idea.

So how do you keep them interested?

Your Idea is a Story.

It’s a story you need to tell, and if you can’t tell it like people will lose interest, they will fade and move on (see cat).

Thing of every great movie or book you’ve ever read. People sat through three hours of the Last Transformers movie (and don’t get me wrong I LOVE TRANSFORMERS).

So if they can create a story to keep an audience of millions engaged, surely you can create a story to keep your team invested for the 30 minutes.

If you are short on ideas on how to get story – here’s 10 minute a “Getting Started” guide that might help you out.

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