Was at a store the other night and saw a few of these drinks in the grocery area. For some reason, Grape Crush has been the treat over the last few years you didn’t know you would ever want. Goes great with pizza and shawarma.

How many little things are you missing right now?

What did you used to do with your team that you can’t do anymore?

What do miss having?

What is your team missing?

We’re all missing little things, some things that won’t be back for a long, long time.

After six months, I got lucky and felt like I found a pot of gold (I didn’t).

The real question then becomes – what is your team missing that needs to make a comeback that you can help with? How can you help them get there? What can you do for them?

It doesn’t have to be perfect (I drank no name grape crush for a bit and it was still great).

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