You don’t notice it when you’re there, in the moment, having the meeting.

You notice it the next day.

Or maybe in a meeting later in the week.

The timing isn’t precise, but what is precise is that statement that signifies the gap.

“I didn’t know we discussed that?”

Followed of course by statements by everyone else who was in attendance…

“Did we discuss that? What was the outcome?”

“Of course we talked about.”

“Weren’t you there? Was that when your mic was off?”

The list goes on and on but you get the idea, confusion. Confusion at the end of a meeting is the signal of gap in communication at meetings.

When this occurs, you only have one choice, setup another meeting to discuss the issue.

And this time do any of the following (or any combination);

  • Record the meeting.
  • Send out minutes.
  • Record action items.
  • Enable Mail receipts.

Or anything else that will prevent you from having to go through having a Meeting Gap and having to hold the meeting once more.

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