This week, my car battery died.

For two days it was a pain as I had no vehicle and had to get it replaced.

Not being a car guy, this was a lot of on-the-spot learning in how to do this.

What can I say, I get spooked when connecting high-voltage metal objects together.

I had a great teacher and in less than an hour I was back up and running.

Between it being broken and getting it fixed we boosted it, tried to give it a manual charge, all of those things you try to do.

In the end, all it needed was a new battery, a replacement.

I’m not 100% sure how the analogy with our own bodies works, sometimes you need a boost (a quick charge to get you over the hump in the short-term) but most other times, you need something more significant, like a complete replacement, to get you through the long-term and keep you going for what happens next.

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