A break out is something you do when you need to get out of a situation you’re in that is not desirable.

In sports, it’s generally attributed to taking possession and regrouping your team into an attack.

In business, it might be about taking a larger group and breaking it into smaller groups that would be more effective at delivering a task.

Whichever definition you want to use, the application is changing your status quo from what it was to something different. This isn’t easy for many to do, who wants to change what we have, when we are so comfortable with what we are already doing?

Why can’t things stay as they are.

Here is the thing with a breakout, we don’t get to choose what happens, we only get to choose how to respond to when it finally does happen.

We’re all choosing our break out in everything we have done over the last year and everything that will be coming at us in the next year.

Now it’s time to define and find your strategy.

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