We rally when we’re down, when we’re weak, when we’re feeling kicked so hard that we can’t get up.

We look for that “other” gear but can’t find it (where is it? No one knows?)

And then you find it. You find it in the weirdest of places.

It might be that bug that you’ve been holding onto, the two of you starting at each other from across your keyboard.

It might be a User story no one wants to look at or a design problem you have been struggling with. Whatever it is, all it takes is one thing and you feel the energy surging again inside of you to rally and make things better.

It starts with one thing, that you choose to do.

No one else can choose it for you, it won’t happen with a meeting or someone patting you on the back.

That’s the thing about about a rally, it all starts from within.

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