Right now, you’re probably realizing that your success to date in the great year of 2020 was built upon all the building blocks you put into effect in late 2019 and early 2020.

You’ve gotten by because you’ve been riding that wave of planning that has propelled you through the rest of the year that you’ve had to tweak, but has gotten you through.

In looking forward to what is next, it’s not enough to keep pushing off this important component “hoping” that things are going to get better and you’ll be able to go back to the old way of doing work and that things like your old pipeline are going to fill themselves up again.

You need new approaches.

New strategies.

New plans.

New ideas.

You need to think about what the components of your success will need to be and what you need to do to implement them.

Don’t ignore the planning you did so long ago to keep you afloat till where you are today. In fact, you should be eagerly jumping into this task because look how far it got you when the world changed in an instant.

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