Being a Leader is a tricky endeavour, there are many, many, many books, blogs and articles on the topic. There are more approaches than coding languages.

(Not verified by evidence but probably true).

But there’s one thing we all forget to do as a Leader from time to time and that is to remember that you are only human and if you want your team to be open, honest and forthright with you, you need to do the same thing.

It’s not an easy thing (easier to say then do).

With teams being remote, there is lots of talk about being vulnerable and having empathy for your team. This is great (it should have been there before but I digress). The most important fact to realize is that it doesn’t go one way, it goes both ways and if you’re asking your team to be vulnerable and you aren’t?

Well, that’s a one-side conversation and very slow way to build trust.

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