How are you designing solutions with your team these days?

Are you designing solutions with your team?

Or are you handing it off to them to and hoping they figure it out on their own?

If you don’t have the latest or greatest you might need to start getting a little creative in what you do;

  • Building a template in PowerPoint or even paint to get your point across.
  • Augmenting your requirements with workflows to more clearly illustrate your point.
  • Recording yourself trying to figure out the issue or having a demo break.
  • Sharing the whiteboard in a meeting.

Whatever it is, don’t lose the element of development that is most important to the collective stream and growth of your team – design. It’s easy to turf it off to the team to do, it’s another job altogether for you to sit down and do with them – something you might not have planned on having to do, but one that you need to do.

Find a way to make it work when your entire team is remote.

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