Because if you aren’t taking a break right now, at least a day here or there, you’re going to regret it.

I was talking with a friend the other day about taking time between the 24th and 1st. Rarely have I ever taken the whole period off (it’s not a badge of honour or anything, it’s just what it is). I’ll take a few days here or there randomly depending on the weather and what the family is doing.

But it’s not set in stone and is flexible.

Even so, during that period of time, between the 24th and 1st is that odd time of year where things slow down just enough for me to think about what I should be doing more of, less of in the upcoming year, what the goals, are what the plans are.

These activities rejuvenate the spirit.

We won’t be going anywhere this year, but there will be some rest and recharging happening.

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