I’ve been reading a lot of articles over the course of the Pandemic about what we have achieved during this time and the ones that make me step back are the ones with the theme that goes something like this.

“I did all of this and that and these and those… what did you do?”

Where I find fault in this statement is that for years and years I’ve read posts and posts about how we all learn different, about how we all do things differently about how we all need to go at our own pace to accomplish that task we are all itching to work on.

How we FINALLY learned that everyone learns differently.

But now, seven months locked in a room we’re supposed to start measuring ourselves? Irrespective of our families, life, where we work, do we work, what we are stressed about, what we worry about, and on and on and on.

These articles have grown in popularity as we near the end of 2020.

So here it is, guess what, after 2020, comes 2021, it’s not that you still have time, it’s that there IS still time, i.e., go back to those articles from 2019 where we all learn and grow differently.

Your team doesn’t need this stress, they need to know they are the right path and the rules and guides that were in place before the Pandemic still exist.

Because that is what they need to get there, and they need your support.

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