There is always a trade-off between what your customer wants and what you are willing to give them.

You want your product to always remain front and centre in their minds so they are always remembering to come back for upgrades, support, renewals and most of all – chatting it up with other people.

I like WordPress, but the way plugin companies can now notify you of changes, updates, etc has become a horrific mess. Some of these notifications are quite huge, forcing you to scroll down to get to your own work and most don’t make sense or provide little to no value to what I’m doing.

Translation: I’m getting closer and closer to that magical phase of uninstallation.

Today, I got a notification that had this button at the bottom of it.

Translation: Thanks for using our product, you don’t need to hear from us all the time.

Now that’s how you put faith in your customer that they are going to remember you, talk about you and share information about you.

Now that’s how you get a solid review Perfect Images + Retina

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