I’m not big on methodologies, because there are so many ways to solve so many problems that boxing yourself into one mindset sounds very scary. If you’re open to change, great, but often what I see is people not being open to change when they “adopt” a methodology.

There are many hurts that can come from Agile, but the big one, is the adoption. If only one group of your company is using Agile, they will invariably be spending time explaining to everyone what it is, they will have to make extraneous dashboards that walk people through what it is and convert data elements from agile into something else that everyone understands.

Because no one wants to understand anything new.

You wouldn’t adopt half a dog would you?

There is a fear of going all in on something new. But dipping your foot in the water and hoping everyone does the same and realizes how warm the water is, isn’t going to help them, it’s going to feel cold at first and it might just be best to throw them in.

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