Not your customer, not your manager, not you, but your team, needs to ship.

They need to see their work get out there.

They need to see people using it in their hands.

They need to hear the pain of users.

They need to understand what people are seeing and how they are using.

More than anything, they need that achievement, no matter if they crossed the finish the line at a gingerly pace or whether it was a mad dash to cross over, they need to have that feeling that they accomplished something and got it into a place where people can use it.

You know that feeling, you’ve had it so many times. Don’t let your team sit in a vacuum working with something that has never seen the light of day.

If you have to push the user, the client, your product manager, whoever, do it – push them and get that feedback.

Your team needs it if they are going to create something great.

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