I had a horrible mic experience this past week recording and an episode of Remotely Prepared – turns out my mic defaulted to the wrong one and when I listened to the recording. It sounded like I was four tunnels below the surface, eating a sandwich.

Not exactly the pristine quality we were hoping for.

After realizing we would have to re-record, I then went through the arduous task of disabling mics I don’t use (since I have a solid boom mic) and doing test recordings in both Audacity and ZOOM – to make sure things worked the way they were supposed to. It took about 20 minutes and then I tried recording a few times to make sure the quality was perfect.

But even as I was recording last night, I felt this itch on the back of my neck that it would be a mess. When we finished I couldn’t listen to the recordings.

Instead, I waited till this morning, opened them up and they were… FINE!

Even after all these years, it’s hard to trust technology when you have to wait till the end to see if it works.

There’s an app idea, recording monitoring letting you know the quality is solid while doing the recording itself.

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