Every project has a set of pain points that aren’t a direct output of the project but are indirectly related to it.

“We can’t find reference documents anywhere.”

“People are always late for meetings.”

“Meetings go on too long.”

“Our architecture is a mess.”

The list goes on and on and on.

These are pain points to the delivery of the project.

These are pain points that are not only slowing your team down, but are holding them back.

These are pain points that threaten to hurt your team, weaken their resolve and kill their morale.

These are the thousand cuts that everyone talks about but don’t want to deal with.

As a Leader of this team, these are what you need to remove from your team’s path so they can get back to doing what matters, so they can focus on what they were brought into do, so they can work unencumbered from needs doing.

Clear the path.

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