If you have ever written a line of code, you are a developer – it’s that simple.

It doesn’t matter if you sold it.

It doesn’t matter if you packaged it.

It doesn’t matter if you promote it on twitter.

It doesn’t matter if showed it.

All that matters is that you wrote that line of code, you ran it, and it did something.

If it shows “Hello World” on your screen, then congratulations you are a Developer.

With that being though, you are a very new Developer, but you are on your way to being a Developer if you keep going.

Similar to a construction worker building a house, the first time they lay a brick are they a bricklayer or do they have to meet a threshold of 1000 bricks? What if they only do 500? Are they still a bricklayer?

The only bar that exists is in our head and it’s the only one holding you back.

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