Everything we work on is geared to towards completing a – thing.

Some code.

A test.

A book.

A report.

A meeting.

An email.

The list is never-ending as we work to complete that “thing”.

And once you complete it, the rush is on to get it done faster with phrases like…

“Well now that we know what we’re doing.”

“We’ve done this before.”

“This should go faster now.”

Unless you’re manufacturing widgets or cogs on an assembly line it doesn’t. Every line of code is different, every piece of work you start is different, every client you have is different.

There is always that rush to get it done, but don’t fall into the trap of rushing to get something done which isn’t what you wanted to deliver in the first place (or was what you were trying to avoid).

There is no rush, only that which we put onto ourselves.

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