We all have a collective shelf of unfinished projects that stare at us or mock us from afar when we take on a new challenge.

“Really? So this one?”

Now you’re going to do it? C’mon?

Whatever the moniker, it mocks us and holds us back from starting something new and from there two things happen.

One – we don’t start the project and instead look over at our old stuff wondering if we should finish it.

Two – we start, but because we have that mocking voice in our head, we don’t go all in, we go half in (which never works).

The answers to both these situations (in order);

One – your old projects are filled with lessons that will fuel your new project. Don’t see it as unfinished work, see it as lessons completed. The cost to finish wasn’t worth it in the end.

Two – you either do it or you don’t. That’s the rule for this project, going in halfway has never helped anyone.

When was the last time you drove half a car?

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