We used to be elbow to elbow, and it’s looking like that won’t happen until late Fall, maybe early winter. And honestly, who really wants to go back to work starting in November when its rain and darkness city?

But we’re no longer elbows apart, we’re no longer rolling our chairs around to talk to someone. We’re apart, and we’re trying to replicate that or create something new.

Your old values might have been about being close to one another, but now it’s changed, and if you’re implementing that change (great) just don’t forget to reflect them in your core values because if you’re making change and their not reflected in your values, you’re not effecting change, you’re doing something temporary.

Your team doesn’t need temporary, they have enough of that.

Take a moment, define your team’s values, incorporate them into how you work now and talk about them.

Maybe “Elbows No More” will be your rallying cry, or maybe something better.

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