When starting a new book series, or a new game – do you go through all the myriad of titles and expansions that came before it so you can “understand” what is happening now?

To play a Call of Duty or Fortnite game, did you need to play every other game before it so you can know everything there is before starting?

No, one it would be costly, two it would probably be a bit boring (let’s be honest), as you force yourself through all these old games and consoles.

Then why do this with a new project? The beauty of jumping into something you’ve never done before is exactly that, jumping in and trying something new, seeing what can and cannot work.

You don’t need the history of the project to make an impact, every day is new point for you to jump in and make a difference.

Don’t get hindered by what was or what worked, focus on what change you can bring, and give it your best shot.

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