How do you get better if the people ahead of you don’t want to share their tips and tricks or even compete against you?

How do you know where you stand if you never have a yardstick to measure yourself against?

If all you have are your own accomplishments?

You have yourself, you have your accomplishments and you have what’s next on your growth path.

You don’t need to try racing against a Formula F1 Driver to see how you’d compare in your car (probably not that well) but you could just as easily draw the line of comparison between what you are missing to get there?

Leveraging someone to “see” how far you have to go without accepting this as a competition or two different approaches to seeing where you stand.

The first option (when we are seeing) doesn’t affect you because there is nothing on the line, but the second, the competition, when you have something on the line and you need to prepare, practice and get ready for it in order to compete? That’s a different story.

If you aren’t willing to put in the effort for the latter, you shouldn’t be asking for the former.

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