We have so many ideas, directions, thoughts, running through our heads at any one point in time.

Forget the phone, my brain is what is making me want to close my eyes and figure out what to do!

On top of all this, we have the incoming priorities of the world, country, province and everything else coming at us that many times we are reading articles and having to draw matrix lines between what someone said here to how it maps over to here.

And we haven’t even entered in the office where we still struggle with how to effectively communicate with people when working remotely – we’re getting better but this won’t ever go away.

For this reason (and many more I don’t know) you need to take the time to prioritize your focus – what matters, what needs to be done today, what is next, what should I be working on. I spent the past week walking through all these priorities to clean things up, working through all these issues and items to clear my head.

It took time, it wasn’t easy and it took a week to clear it all up.

But once I did, I felt more relaxed and at wheeze with everything else coming my way.

Don’t keep running from fire to fire when you have the tools to put them out and think about what’s next and what matters, to you.

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